The Human Voice


ESP | 30 mins + 45 mins | dir. Pedro Almodóvar, with Tilda Swinton | cert. 15 | in English

Madness and melancholy intersect to thrilling effect as Almodóvar reimagines Jean Cocteau’s short play The Human Voice for an era in which isolation has become a way of life. Laws of desire become the rules of the game as Tilda Swinton’s unnamed woman paces and panics in a glorious Technicolor apartment where décor offers a window into her state of mind. A short, sharp shot of distilled Almodóvar: passion, emotion, heartbreak, wit, and melodrama exquisitely bound up in a tale for our times.

Shot over nine days in Madrid in July and recently premiered to critical acclaim at the Venice Film Festival, The Human Voice is Almodóvar’s first work in English.

Followed by an exclusive recorded Q&A with Tilda Swinton and Pedro Almodóvar hosted by Mark Kermode

See also other screenings of The Human Voice on:
26 May
29 May as part of the Spanish Spring Weekend

2.30pm / 4.20pm
Ciné Lumière II
£13, conc. £11
Ciné Lumière II
£13, conc. £11