Algeria, a Legacy

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While the question of Franco-Algerian memory remains as fraught as ever, literary ties between both sides of the Mediterranean offer a welcome escape to these memorial tensions. The playwright and author Alice Zeniter, born in France to an Algerian father, and the Paris-dwelling young Algerian novelist Kaouther Adimi join Dr. Natalya Vince to discuss how these trans-Mediterranean literary ties continue to inform the Franco-Algerian relationship.

Hybrid event
Onsite: Natalya Vince, Olivia Ross
Online: Alice Zeniter

This discussion is organised in partnership with English PEN, the human rights organisation championing the freedom to write and the freedom to read since 1921, as part of part of their Common Currency centenary programme, which brings together writers, readers and activists for events, residencies, campaigns and conversations across the UK and Ireland.

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