A Decolonial Feminism


A veteran of the feminist cause and the author of many acclaimed books including Resolutely Black, Conversations with Aimé Césaire, Françoise Vergès publishes A Decolonial Feminism, a powerful manifesto for an intersectional feminism centered around anticolonialism and anti-racism. Join us as she shares the hopes and ambitions she has for decolonial feminism with Opinions Editor of gal-dem Diyora Shadijanova.

Hybrid event
Onsite: Diyora Shadijanova
Online: Françoise Vergès

This discussion is organised in partnership with English PEN, the human rights organisation championing the freedom to write and the freedom to read since 1921, as part of part of their Common Currency centenary programme, which brings together writers, readers and activists for events, residencies, campaigns and conversations across the UK and Ireland.

For more information on Common Currency, please visit: www.englishpen.org/common-currency

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A Decolonial Feminism (Translated by Ashley J. Bohrer with the author, published by Pluto Press). Buy A Decolonial Feminism on Pluto Press website with a discount. Discount code: BEYOND30.

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